Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well the Cricut Imagine is here!! HSN 24 Hours of crafting was all day yesterday and I streamed it all day from my computer (shhhh! Don't tell Norman!) I did want the Imagine, I didn't want the Imagine, I did want the Imagine.... I saw the FlexPay on the Imagine and was like SERIOUSLY?!? I have to be honest. I want to love this machine and I see the endless potential that it could give someone. BUT my cons outweighed the pros here and I said no... for now... IF the flexpays had been more reasonable.... IF the ink refills were cheaper.... IF they could have given the same information in every presentation.... THEN MAYBE... bless her soul Jinger is a sweet girl and I know that its not entirely her fault.... but I almost felt like she was scolding us for not seeing what an "amazing value" this was. Also her facts changed SO MUCH throughout the day.... I watched in the morning she started out with the machine printing 120 full page pattern papers she "just left the white border to show you that she printed it" uh huh... by last night it was 60 pages. Just sayin...... Neither her nor there I honestly don't think I would use this machine to it's full potential at this point (i'm still trying to figure out my gypsy!) so I passed this time. Maybe the price will be more reasonable during Christmas... Or should I say FlexPay could be more reasonable at Christmas.
I would love to say that I stayed strong and did not order a thing on Craft Day.... I caved! What can I say.... I'm addicted to those so blasted cute 3 Birds!! Seriously!! 3 Birds is adorable.... my #1 cartridge on my wishlist.... 3 Birds on Parade!! Anyway I ordered the Twinkle Trails paper borders. I couldn't help myself. And on another note How PRECIOUS was Martha's Vice President of Crafts Alex Peruzzi!!? Too cute for words! Seriously I almost caved and bought that glitter drawer collection for $109.00!! Please any man that knows what to do with all that glitter is totally scrumptious in my book :) I digress..... I must type my 50 billion dictations for the day. I did get crafty and make a card that I will post later on today. Happy Wednesday ladies!

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