Thursday, September 2, 2010


My dear friend Annette brought it to my attention last night that I have not posted in over a month!! Yikes! Horrible! I have been extremely busy! Work is getting busier and busier by the day I was told I have 100 more cases than I did last year at this time... plus we had two people leave... plus I had two mini-trips to go on and of course if I even want to take off one day of work I have to work marathon hours to get everything done and keep the boss happy. August is always my favorite time of year because that is when Creating Keepsakes Convention comes to Tulsa. My three friends and I make the trip to Tulsa and have threeish days of scrappy getaway!! We laugh, we shop, we eat, we shop, we take classes, we shop... did I mention we shop a LOT on this trip? We are really out of control when we are together but Hey! Its only a once a year thing! The very next week I had to go to Dallas for a show (Green Day) who were just amazing! They played for three hours and it was incredible. The drive back to OK afterwards was not that fun but I was glad that I got to go.

I also had Cricut Demos every weekend in August so yes that made a 7 day work week. The extra money did come in handy (especially with this being CKC month) but I am definetly glad it is over. I LOVE the Michael's that I demo at! The employees and customers are truly wonderful and I am a lucky girl! On Saturdays in August I demoed at Best Buys who were selling an amazing bundle. $299.99 for a baby bug, gypsy, and four cartridges (George, Gypsy Font, Gypsy Wanderings, and Summer in Paris). I had such high hopes and just knew I would sell out on the first Saturday. Yah that didn't happen. The Best Buy stores were not as welcoming and didn't even want to know about what they were selling (one store didn't even give me electricity). So the decision was made at the begining of the week that we would no longer be demoing at Best Buys.

I have been trying to be crafty when I'm home or when I'm not completely exhausted. I made this card for one of my dear friends at work who always helps me while I'm out of the office. She's amazing. I bought the show special from the PK Glitz booth at convention because it was so beautiful! The butterfly is printed on accetate and you cover the back of the design with 3-D crystal Laquer/Lauquer (sp?) then sprinkle on glitter and let it dry then add it to you card! LOVE this look! Marsha and I bought all kinds of accetate designs to glitter. I will be honest... yes this show speical was a little pricey BUT it was worth it A splurge every now and then is ok. I work hard and deserve it. (that's how I justify it to myself anyway.)
I also made the brads myself with the embossing glitter I bought at ckc. I will post a tutorial soon how to make them. Super simple and beautiful effect. Now that my crazy schedule has calmed down I will have more crafty time which is good because there are two babies on the way for some family members and I have some baby projects for them. Thanks for looking. Stay tuned for more!

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