Thursday, March 10, 2011


Though I'm not really a practicing Catholic anymore (shhh! Don't tell either Grandma we joined a non-demoninational Christian Church a few years ago). I still like to take the season of Lent to "give up" something and to work on my relationship with the Lord. So this year for Lent I am giving up Scrapbook Shopping!! I really can't believe it but it definetly is a sacrafice! I have a whole scraproom and I'm running out of space! How horrible is that?! I couldn't fit another organizational item even if i wanted to! So I'm stopping cold turkey. I have a habit of stopping by either Michael's or Hobby Lobby and using my weekly coupon and it is just not necessary! No more daily deals websites! There are some amazing deals out there but nothing I can not live withouth. (this will be particularly hard when there is a deal on Tim Holtz Distress Stains!) anyway so I'm asking for your prayers/positive vibes during this time. Hopefully I will be able to focus on praying through my struggles rather than leaning on worldy temporary fixes! I will be updating regularly on my progress. So Day 1 is done and I did great! I feel accomplished. Day 2 is underway and work is so busy that I really haven't had time to browse my normal sites! So maybe that is a good thing :) I think the struggle will come when I have a particularly stressful day or something sad happens. Shopping is always my quick fix! I'm trying to get it under control and hopefully by the end of the Lent season I will be able to.

Some of the ladies on two peas asked what if I run out of adhesive! Well I have a drawer full and just ordered six more rolls of ATG so I think I'm good for 40 days BUT should I run out of adhesive I don't think God will fault me for going and getting another roll of ATG. He understands that adhesive is a super important part of crafting :) but if I go in and buy a ton of things I don't need while I am buying adhesive he might frown a little bit. So let me know how many of you are doing this and your progress! We will make it girls!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Jennifer,

    Your story sounds so much like mine. A room full of stuff and always stopping at the stores to use those coupons. I'm so glad you posted this. I needed some inspiration to stop shopping. This will be great.

  2. I don't have a scrapbook room but I could use one ;) I too am giving up buying anything for "scrapbooking" for Lent. I have plenty and don't NEED to buy anything more!

  3. We can do it girls!! 38 more days to go!!