Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shopping Shopping Shopping

One of my dear friends Karen told me that I needed to do a blogpost about where I like to shop online. I'm a sucker for a deal and NEVER EVER pay full price for anything. First let's talk cartridges: There are two cartridges that I have paid full price for or at least close to full price for: 1. Stretch Your Imagination; 2. Wild Card. This was BEFORE I learned about the magical world of ebay and online shopping. When I think back on how much I paid for those cartridges it makes me sad. With a little research (and paitence) you can find amazing deals on cartridges. A go-to place for new cartridges and usually the cheapest place to find new release cartridges is Memory Miser (http://www.memorymiser.com/) They have great deals. I think I will head over and pick up Winter Frolic when I'm done with this post. Another place that has cheap cartridges BUT you have to have incredible patience to wait for them to ship is (http://www.ohmycrafts.com/) Again amazing prices but you will be the last person to receive your cartridge! (when you ask they say that Provo Craft has not given them "permission" to release the cartridge yet) I find this hard to believe that Provo Craft purposely holds off on letting them release cartridges but whatev. Another place to find cartridges at incredibly cheap prices: Ebay (http://www.ebay.com/) I have gotten all of my Disney cartridges for all under $20.00 and free shipping! Now I'm not saying that I am going to cut every single character from these cartridges but most have super cute extras that work for cards and scrapbook pages and SOMEDAY I will make it back to Disney World and I will have an amazing scrapbook!! I digress....
Every morning when I get to work I sit down, eat my breakfast yogurt and check my Scrapbooking Daily Deals websites. You have to check these first thing in the morning to get the great deals because once the item is sold out you can't get it anymore. A couple of the websites will have deals throughout the day so when they sell out they pop up with a new deal. So every morning get up and have some coffee/breakfast/energy drink and go to these websites:

these two websites have deals throughout the day so refresh often
http://www.flowerstoflourishes.com/ (this is possibly my favorite)

I have gotten so many great deals on these websites so definetly check them out. I'll leave you with another couple of websites that I enjoy looking at because they have tons of product. (I rarely buy from these sites unless it is something exclusive to that website. but great shopping on these websites:
(be sure to check out 2 peas message boards because you can learn so much!)

Happy Crafting!

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